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What's Your Passion?

When you are doing something you are passionate about the process is much more important. As I have implied before; doing something I’m passionate about isn’t the norm for me. I have now chosen to work towards trusting and working towards my passions. I know I keep using this word but that is what I’ve decided I’m working towards. I am choosing to harness my passion for everything home decor.

To be completely honest; I’m finding the beginning of this journey extremely difficult. Not for to the reasons you may suspect. I’m finding it difficult because there are so many ideas I have in my head and not enough time in the day to use all of them. What do you do with all the creative juices that don’t have an outlet...yet. Maybe I should start a sketch diary? What do you think? So far in the process I’ve learned that I may or may not be a perfectionist and I don’t I like messing up. Which I find strange because I honestly enjoy learning new things. I enjoy the process of figuring something out.

When you are doing something you are passionate about the process is that much more important. Passion isn’t the norm for me. That is all changing now; I have now chosen to trust and work towards my passions. I am choosing this life. A life full of happiness and good vibes. A life where I curate the energy in other's homes. A life where I'm surrounded by furniture pieces that make me happy.

“When your work is no longer work but, something that truly brings you joy you have already found success”


P.S. Passion: noun, a strong and barely controllable emotion.

P.S.S Still new to this Blog life. Bare with me and enjoy the journey!