Our Story

Monica Elle believes that everyone deserves to be inspired by the spaces they spend time in. We enjoy the way you can take unique home goods and bring them together to make beautiful spaces. The way colors and textures come together to evoke fantastic emotions. A good space can bring out the best in a person. We've seen how a bedroom’s décor can make someone feel grand. We feel so much satisfaction after finishing a project and seeing the vision. Once you have transformed your space it may truly transform your life. Whether it's love, joy, passion, or inspiration that you are looking for, your surroundings play a huge part. Monica Elle takes pride in adding that extra little oomph into mundane areas. We want to bring peace to the chaos; your space should be an escape from everyday life.

Tanya Morris



The Design Process

Creating Solutions For Your Space

The Monica Elle team members are active listeners so that clients will be satisfied with our work from the very beginning. We are here to listen to our clients wants and needs, and transform them into truly beautiful works of art.


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